About Me

Learn more about me, my businesses and my passion for photography. Feel free to contact me for any commercial enquiries.

My name is Jason Futrill, also known to many as @tassiegrammer. I live in Hobart, Tasmania and am a professional photographer, photo educator, host of the Project RAWcast photography podcast, blogger and media contributor, brand ambassador, web developer and professional social media / online marketer specialising in search engine optimisation.

My passion for photography started over 12 years ago during a holiday with my parents. My father had purchased himself a Canon SLR and a several lenses, and during our time together on this trip I fell in love with both the technical and artistic potential of this “magical box”. I literally couldn’t put the camera down and would say my photography “addiction” had started. Upon returning home I immediately purchased my own Canon SLR and several lenses and set about trying to teach myself how to use them.

In the early days of my photography career I developed a love for macro and food photography which led to professional opportunities with a many restaurants, food service businesses and tourism boards. With the opportunities to travel, my true passion for landscape photography took shape and now has me travelling extensively hosting photography workshops, seminars and education sessions teaching landscape photography, business education and image post processing.

My extensive experience in online marketing has had me working with many extremely large businesses within the financial, travel agency, medical, legal and tourism sectors. This knowledge also allows me to build my own brands and marketing channels, and with over 700,000 followers across my social media channels (as of February 2019) and thousands of unique visitors per day to my photography related websites (tassiegrammer.com.au + projectrawcast.com) I am in a unique position of being able to deliver highly targeted, effective messages and marketing campaigns through my imagery and writing.

I am currently a brand ambassador for NiSi Filters and Sirui, work with industry brands like Canon and Fujifilm, regularly host workshops and educational events with retail partners like Georges Cameras and Digital Camera Warehouse, have worked on campaigns with brands like James Boags, NBN (National Broadband Network), several major tourism boards and am regularly commissioned to shoot commercial imagery for many of Tasmania’s best restaurants, distilleries + wineries, and food service businesses.


Here are answers to some questions I am regularly asked about myself, my gear, the events I host and how you can follow me on social media.


I use Canon DSLR’s, NiSi Filters and Sirui tripods. I currently use a combination of Canon 5DMKIV, 5Ds, 5DsR and 5DMKIII with 16-35mm f/2.8LII, 24-70 f/2.8LII, 70-300 f/4L and a 100mm Macro f/2.8L. My tripods are Sirui W-2204 and R-2214x with Sirui K30x and K40x ballheads. I use a full set of NiSi Filters with my “go to” filters being enhanced CPL, 6 stop, 10 stop, 3 stop soft grad, 4 stop medium grad and Natural Night Filter. Depending on conditions I may also use other grad filters and possibly a 15 stop ND.


Yes I offer both one on one workshops tailored to your needs, or group workshops in varying styles. One on one workshops can be arranged in Tasmania or elsewhere throughout Australia including Sydney and Melbourne based on my travel schedule. Group workshops are held monthly throughout different locations in Australia in 3 hour, full day, multi day and classroom based post processing sessions.


You can contact me via my @tassiegrammer Instagram or Facebook pages or via the @projectrawcast Instagram and Facebook pages.